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When I was a teenager I used to stare at the stunning window of a bridal atelier in Florence or buying Vogue turning up the pages imaging myself wearing those kind of dresses, then, when I grew up I started to work as a tour escort and I discovered not only hidden Florentine jewels, but also stunning villas, hamlets, farm houses turned into fabulous venues, all perfect locations for a big event such as a wedding.

In recent years,
I found myself diving from weddings to weddings “worked” as a Maid of Honor for most of my friends and relatives and a lot of those marriages ad somehow my signature: finding for them a stunning medieval hamlet in the Chianti area or a particular photographer working in a small atelier in a typical Florentine corner; an excellent catering owned by a starred chef and of course I led most of my friends to find their wedding gown.

I wanted to put this into a job so I started first to write a blog telling all these experiences then I founded

LTDN - A Florentine Bridal Consultant

To give the couple the particular attention they deserve, to plan such a big event, I work only with wedding at time because the hours to dedicate to a marriage and the satisfaction of the work done is far superior than any business.

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